A young white woman wearing a bra and panties as well as a Female Humpus hands-free- sex toy set.

Humpus Hands-free Sex Toy Is Back On Sale

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The Humpus is back on sale!

This wearable, hands-free sex toy returned to the market earlier this week after being unavailable for at least 1.5 years. (That’s how long we’ve been trying to learn more about where to purchase the device. Our inquiry to the company, unfortunately, went unanswered.)

A man shows an expression of pleasure while lying down while wearing a Male Humpus over white briefs.
A man shows an expression of pleasure while lying down while wearing a Male Humpus over white briefs.

It’s often featured in sex guides for disabled people and praised for making sex more accessible to people with mobility challenges.

The good news is all three Humpus sets are now being sold online: the Male Humpus (£189), the Female Humpus (£189), and the Couples Humpus (£219).

So we can forgive the UK-based company’s silence because it was clearly busy!

What is the Humpus, you may be asking?

Couples Humpus hands-free sex toy including both penis stroker and vibrator attachments.
The Couples Humpus hands-free sex toy set includes both penis stroker and vibrator attachments.

The Humpus is a hands-free wearable product with interchangeable parts that include a penis stroker as well as a vibrator attachment. It is also rechargeable and low noise, offering variable speeds.

So regardless of your gender, there are erotic options for people with penises and vaginas as well as folks who enjoy anal play.

Each Humpus set comes with the Humpus itself, a belt, leg straps, a charger, adapters, a guide, and at least one attachment, called “male” or “female” in its shop. The Couples Humpus includes both the penis stroker and vibrator attachments.

The hands-free penis stroker option is promoted as an “arc motion masturbator.” This movement pattern is meant to resemble the natural hand and wrist movement.

Really, anyone who enjoys hands-free sex toys, during solo or partnered sex, may want to check out all its features to see if it’s for you.

Humpus Indiegogo

The hands-free sex machine was once the focus of an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. which raised £9,964 GBP raised of its £60,000 GBP goal. The company did receive support from 57 backers. Despite some issues with the manufacturers, products were shipped to the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other European countries.

Humpus inventor Rob Stephenson

In a newsletter the company sent out on September 22, 2020, it announced the Humpus was back in stock. Whether a PR gimmick or not, Humpus also encouraged people to act fast if they want to buy one of its sets due to a “surge” in sales.

The company earned a big public shoutout when Humpus inventor Rob Stephenson (aka Mr.Feelgood) appeared on American freestyle rapper Harry Mack’s YouTube channel.

The video below starts when Stephenson appears. (f you watch to the end you’ll get to hear Mack do a great freestyle about Humpus.

Image credit: Humpus

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