Bumpn Joystick illustration shows a person hugging the sex pillow, wrapping their arms and legs around it.

Bump’n Joystick Update

Hands free Sex Toys By

A year later than planned, orders of the hands-free Bump’n Joystick are now slated to ship this Spring.

The Bump’n Joystick is a huggable sex pillow and sex toy mount designed for people with disabilities. Its creators are brother-and-sister duo Andrew Gurza and Heather Morrison, co-founders of the sex and disability startup Bump’n.

Gurza, a Canadian man with Cerebral Palsy, spoke about his inability to masturbate in a 2017 documentary called “Picture This.” After stumbling upon the film and learning about her brother’s struggles, Morrison reached out to him to create a sex aid that could help people with limited dexterity to self-pleasure.

The Bump’n Joystick is the result of prototype testing with people with disabilities in collaboration with Judith Glover, Ph.D., of RMIT University in Melbourne.

The Bump’n Joystick’s 2-part design

The Bump'n Joystick comes apart in the middle for easier cleaning and storage.
The one-meter-long Bump’n Joystick separates in the middle to allow for easier cleaning and storage.

The disability-driven sex toy design enables users to hug the Bump’n Joystick close to their body without relying on hand grip or fine motor skills. It is one meter long and made of soft, flexible material.

The top half of the Bump’n Joystick is made of memory foam. The lower half offers two options of sex toy holders made to accommodate the different styles of both penis strokers and vulva sex toys. . The two sections come apart in the middle in order to enable easier cleaning and storage.

The full-body sex pillow made my list of ergonomic sex toy handles and gripping aids at SexForEveryBody.com.

Two Bump'n Joysticks, each have a white memory foam top and a soft purple bottom that can hold sex toys.
The Bump’n Joystick is a flexible huggable sex toy designed for different abilities, positions, and body types.

Originally, sex and disability startup Bump’n was hopeful to start shipping orders of the Bump’n sex toy in September 2022. However, the new anticipated shipping date is Spring 2023.

Since pre-orders remain open at the time of writing, it is possible Bump’n hasn’t been able to fulfill buyers for its first batch of Bump’n sex toys.

The full price of the huggable sex toy holder will be $250. However, a deposit of $99 is only required for people who want to reserve a Bump’n Joystick. For people based in Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers funding for sex aids such as this huggable pillow and other devices designed with disability in mind.

Bump’n sex toy shipping delayed


Bump’n co-founder Andrew Gurza made the announcement in an Instagram post published on December 24, 2022. A transcript of the text is shared here as well as the link to the Bump’n Instagram post.


Hi! We know that you have been patiently awaiting news about Bump’n and The Joystick. I have some for you. We’ve finished our final round of testing, and inked a deal with LoveHoney to complete our first 500 Joysticks. Shipping is now anticipated for Spring 2023.

“We know that this is longer than those of you who pre-ordered expected, and we know you haven’t heard much from us. Sorry about that! We wanted to do it right not rushed and ensure that it is the best product that it could be. We are a small team with big dreams to make this happen and we appreciate your patience!

“You can order a Joystick now on our website www.getbumpn.com, and also snag yourself a copy of The Bump’n Book of Love, Lust, and Disability which shares stories by disabled people talking about sex. If you’re looking for a great gift for that disabled person in your life, this could be it. Or treat yourself!

Bump'n Joystick designed for male and female genitalia
The Bump’n Joystick is designed for penis strokers and vulva sex toys, with two different sex toy mount options on each side.

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