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NDIS: Sex Aids for Disabilities Funding

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In Australia, the government-run National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds certain costs related to disability, including assistive sex aids and sex toys. Relatively new, the NDIS went into full operation in 2020 after being legislated in 2013.

According to the government, in order to be eligible, someone must have a disability due to a permanent impairment.

Here I will specifically share details on Australian sex toy companies that assist customers in claiming back the cost of their sex toys using NDIS funding.

On my main site, I shared an article on how disabled individuals can claim the cost of sex aids in different countries. If you are in the United States, for example, MysteryVibe vibrators can be purchased using FSA/HSA debit cards.

ZIGGY sit-on sex toy

The sit-on sex toy The ZIGGY from sexual wellness company LUDDI is designed for all bodies. It is a multi-use and even bendable sex toy with a charging station that LUDDI says is accessible as well as easy to use and store.

It has braille on the buttons and is 100% waterproof, made from medical-grade silicone.

In terms of multi-use, the Ziggy first presents itself as a rideable sex toy you can sit on. In this form, it is similar to ORION’s vibe pad that it can turn any chair into a hands-free sex toy.

But you can also bend the sex toy so it could curve and warp around a phallus. LUDDI also suggests you can tuck it into a harness or underwear, put it between two bodies, stroke your penis with it, or hump and rub on it.

LUDDI provides an NDIS sex toy FAQ page on how you can claim sexual wellness devices as assistive technology.

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XES Products

XES products ndis sex aids for disabilities

Online sexual wellness store XES Products explains that many of its sex aids for disabilities qualify for purchase under the NDIS Low Cost Assistive Technology budget.

For more specific information, visit the NDIS sex aids purchasing info page on the XES Products website. It shares instructions on two different options for getting reimbursed, one for plan-managed and self-managed.

XES Products sells assistive sex aids and pleasure products from several brands

The online sex shop is managed by a Sydney couple with experience in rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

Bump’n Joystick

Bump'n Joystick designed for male and female genitalia
The Bump’n Joystick is designed for penis strokers and vulva sex toys, with two different sex toy mount options on each side.

The sex and disability company Bump’n is still taking pre-orders for its huggable, meter-long sex pillow. The Bump’n Joystick is expected to begin shipping in Spring 2023.

Co-founder Andrew Gurza, a man living with cerebral palsy, created the full-body sex toy pillow for people like him who have limited hand dexterity. This hands-free, huggable Bump’n Joystick is one meter long. The top section is made of memory foam. The bottom section has two different sex toy mount options, meant to work for various styles of vulva sex toys and penis strokers.

The two haves can separate for easy storage and cleaning.

On its website, Bump’n shares information on NDIS sex toy funding and an order form for both self- and plan-managed individuals.

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