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Jessica Drake Plans ‘Sex and Disability’ Film for Her Wicked Sex Ed Series

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We’ve learned some exciting news! World-famous adult star Jessica Drake has begun work to create an educational and erotic film featuring disabled people.

The film would be part of her series Jessica Drake‘s Wicked Guide to Sex, which launched in 2011.

In a recent article published by, Drake shared insights on the project:

“My goal is to do sex and disability at some point. It’s something that I’ve just started working on. I’ll be collaborating with people and we’ll be covering as much as possible.”

“So far I’m talking to five or six people and also asking them for recommendations and people that they work with and possibly partners, they’re real-life partners.”

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Drake adds she feels compelled to represent the sexuality of disabled people, particularly since film resources on sex and disability are seriously lacking.

The performer and sex educator also addressed the need to view disability as a spectrum.

I think that it’s really important to have all the conversations instead of just portraying sex and disability as something that is a situation where one person has strictly physical limitations. I think that we need to go way beyond that.”

As for when to expect the film’s release, it appears not any time soon but that some research and development is underway.

It’s fantastic news that the erotic sex education series will feature disabled people having sex. We’ll be keeping an eye on this project and will keep you posted on updates.

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