Disabled sex educators Robin Beattie-Wilson, Eva Sweeney, Andrew Gurza, Ryann Mason.

Disabled Sex Educators

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Robin Beattie-Wilson

Robin Wilson-Beattie, a woman of color, smiles while wearing a blue top. Her hair is shaved close to her head and she is wearing dangling earrings and a short necklace.

Robin Beattie-Wilson is a speaker and sex and disability educator based in Oakland, California. Among her many speaking engagements include being a keynote speaker at the Guelph Sexuality Conference and presenting at the AVN Adult Novelty Expo

Beattie-Wilson also provides virtual sex education classes such as an online course on BDSM and disability. You can find her online as SexAbled.

Andrew Gurza

Wheelchair user Andrew Gurza holds the Bumpn Joystick sex toy for people with disabilities.

In his late 30s, Andrew Gurza is a well-known face within the disability community. The disability and sex educator appeared in the recent Queer As Folk reboot, which showed how he uses his everyday sling as an assistive device for sex.

Gurza is also the co-founder of the sexual wellness startup Bump’n, which sells a huggable sex pillow made for and by people with disabilities.

Ryann Mason

A white woman in black sits in a wheelchair. Short rainbow hair matches rainbow sign "Dildos and Dislocations."

Disability and sex educator Ryann Mason is a wheelchair user with Ehlers-Danos syndrome. The San Diego nurse hosts Dildos & Dislocations, a sex education show that answers anonymous questions from both disabled and non-disabled people.

Eva Sweeney

A white woman with short hair and who is sitting in a wheelchair is shown from the chest up.

Cripping Up Sex is run by sex and disability educator Eva Sweeney, a woman in her late 30s with cerebral palsy. She became interested in accessible sex education as a queer teenager when she was unable to find adequate information.

Now with more than 15 years of experience as a disability and sex educator, Eva offers various accessible sex education workshops and private consultations. Being nonverbal, she teaches sex positions with dolls and communicates with aids.

Based in California, Sweeney is based in California, United States, and offers her services virtually as well as by phone and text.