‘Facefuck Me’: Quadriplegic Man Enjoys Aggressive Oral Sex with Pierce Paris

Gay Male By Jun 02, 2020

The adult studio is committed to creating body-positive content that does not fetishize models. That’s likely the reason why Kenneth Cronin, a young man paralyzed from his biceps down, reached out to the site hoping to become a model.

“This is something I’ve always been interested in, but due to an injury when I was 18, no other company has ever given me a spotlight to create a platform in this industry,” Cronin told founder Davey Wavey.

Cronin also shared his love for facefucking, which eventually led the short film “Facefuck Me”: an intimate, yet aggressive, oral sex scene between Cronin and able-bodied adult star Pierce Paris.

Cronin, a quadriplegic, expressed how he wanted to explore his submissive side:

My perfect scene would just be something for an audience to understand that just because I live a little different life I am still a very sexual person, and that it is OK to be dominant over someone in my situation, as long as there is an understanding and respect before hand.

Disability awareness activist Andrew Gurza acted as a consultant on the film.

You can watch a free preview of “Facefuck Me” over at

In honor of pride month, the adult site is offering a two-year subscription for the price of one throughout June.

Himeros tv lists its "Porn Star Bill of Rights" next to a nude man giving another man a blowjob.

Full scene: Facefuck Me’ with Kenneth Cronin and Pierce Paris at