Maeve and Isaac Sex Education kiss

Maeve and Isaac’s ‘Sex Education’ Kiss

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Series overview of Isaac, Sex Education’s first disabled character.

“Sex Education” is a British coming-of-age comedy-drama web television series created by Laurie Nunn. It launched on Netflix in January 2019.

The series is set in the fictional town of Moordale Secondary School and follows the story of Otis Milburn, a socially awkward high school student who lives with his sex therapist mother, played by actress Gillian Anderson.

After the high school fails to teach sex ed and many students approach Otis for help, Otis sets up an underground sex therapy clinic with the help of fellow student Maeve Wiley. The two help their classmates with their sexual problems and anxieties about their gender identity, desires, and hopes for sexual pleasure/

“The shovers a wide range of themes and topics related to sexual education such as disability, sexual identity, consent, relationships, and sexual health. It also deals with the difficulties of being a teenager, such as bullying, self-esteem, and mental health. In season 2, we meet disabled wheelchair user Isaac, who falls for and develops an intimate relationship with Maeve.

Isaac Sex Education

Maeve walks away from Isaac as he fellows in his wheelchair in Sex Education on Netflix.
A sexual relationship eventually develops between Maeve and Isaac Sex Education on Netflix. Source: IMDb

The character of Isaac Goodwin in Netflix’s “Sex Education” uses a wheelchair after becoming paralyzed during a fall during childhood. Isaac first appeared in season 2, episode 1, a casting choice that also made him the first disabled character to appear in the series.

Maeve and Isaac develop a friendship that builds into a romantic relationship in “Sex Education. Before that happens, Maeve first spots Isaac as he’s moving into a trailer in the same caravan park, making them neighbors. Their first meeting gets off to a bad start after Maeve asks Isaac, who uses a wheelchair, if he wants any help moving his belongings inside. Isaac responds in an offended tone saying he didn’t ask for any help, so no. His brother then introduces himself and Isaac, to which Maeve responds “I’m Maeve and I don’t like noise.”

Maeve and Isaav eventually bond over how they were both abandoned by their parents as children. Later seeing Maeve’s friend Otis as a sexual threat, Isaac deletes a voicemail sent to her by Otis declaring his love for Maeve in season 2, episode 8. When Isaac eventually confesses what he did to Maeve, she takes it as a betrayal. However, they make up and talk through the incident and Isaac apologizes.

Isaac Sex Education disabled sex scene

Maeve and Isaac Sex Education kiss
Maeve and Isaac kiss in “Sex Education” Netflix series, season 3, episode 4.

The erotic climax of Maeve and Isaac’s sexual relationship happens in season 3, episode 4. The intimate disabled sex scene can be streamed on Netflix, but you don’t get to see past the foreplay, unfortunately.

After Isaac gives a heartfelt apology for deleting Otis’s to Maeve inside his trailer, Maeve leans in and kisses Isaac. After lingering in for a longer kiss, Isaac sees Maeve stops and look at him, trying to get out a question.

“You want to know what I can feel?” Isaac asks Maeve, and she nods and says, “yes.”

“Well I can’t feel anything below my level of injury,” Isaac responds. “If you put your hand on my chest, I’ll show you. I’ll tell you when.”

Maeve begins to rub Isaac’s chest and moves her hand up toward his collarbone, on top of the shirt he’s wearing. “There you are,” responds Isaac as he lets Maeve know he can feel her. As Maeve continues to trace the outline of his collar, Isaac says, ” I can get hard. I just need a little help. Not that we’re going to do that yet.”

“So, would you be able to come or…” Maeve begins to ask.

“Yeah,” responds Isaac. “Sort of. When I get touched in the places that I can feel it can get a little intense.”

The two exchange nervous and flirtatious smiles before their bodies become closer. Maeve holds Isaac and sits on top of his lap, in his wheelchair. Maeve and Isaac kiss, and then Maeve removes Isaac’s shirt, before taking off her own and revealing a black bra. Again, Maeve climbs her body onto Isaac’s lap as they exchange kisses and gentle caresses. The two lovers are interrupted by a smoke alarm that reminds them that dinner is in the oven and getting burned.

Although hailed for its diversity and inclusive cast, the rest of Sex Education’s disabled sex scene is left to our imaginations. Still, from what we do see, Maeve and Isaac portray a sensual and intimate sexual relationship based on touch and communication-based consent that sent chills up our spines in a very sexy way.

Is Isaac from Sex Education actually disabled?

George Robinson, who plays Isaac in Sex Education, dressed in a blazer sits in his wheelchair at a Sex Education Netflix premier event.
British actor Geroge Robinson was cast as the sarcastic and disabled guy, Isaac Goodwin in “Sex Education.” Source: IMDb

George Robinson is a British actor who is best known for his role as Isaac Goodwin, the first disabled character to appear in the Netflix series “Sex Education.” He was born in 1997.

According to the IMDb page of George Robinson, the actor who plays Isaac Goodwin in Sex Education, was paralyzed at 17 years old during a school rugby match in South Africa in 2015.

He grew up in Cambridgeshire and has put his undergraduate Philopshy studies on hold after landing the role of Isaac in “Sex Education.”

Many people wonder if the actor who plays Isaac Goodwin uses a wheelchair in real life. As the importance of representation in the disability community receives more attention, casting able-bodied actors in the roles of disabled characters is often frowned upon. One reason is that it robs actors with disabilities of the chance to play such roles, of which there are relatively few compared to those available to able-bodied actors.

Last updated on February 23, 2023

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