IntimateRider Swing Chair Overcomes Mobility Challenges by Intimaterider

The IntimateRider is a small swing chair specially designed to offer a natural gliding motion that will improve sexual mobility.

Designed by a man who has C6-69 spinal  cord injury, IntimateRider chair products offer not just good design but inclusion and compassion. The IntimateRider aids in sexual intimacy and mobility for the disabled. It also enriches their intimate experiences through ease and comfort.

The IntimateRider is a versatile device that can be used to enhance sexual performance by taking advantage of its broad range of motions. It is designed with a sturdy and solid steel frame that holds firm ground on the floor. Through this feature a low center of gravity is achieved making sexual positioning and shifting easier.  Moreover, it requires the upper part of the torso only. 

As detailed in its user’s manual, the IntimateRider empowers the disabled to explore different positions to connect with their partner.

With the IntimateRider are accessories such as RiderMate, IntimateRider cushion, IntimateRider and RiderMate carrying bags, and positioning support strap. Combining these accessories spice up and elevate intimate and sexual explorations and experiences – letting you get even closer with your partner. Altogether they provide the privilege to try out face to face, back to back and various positions that you got in mind and you have fantasized about.  

Adding up to their collection of sexual mobility aids is the IntimateRider High Back. According to a representative from IntimateRider, they came up with a high back chair version of the IntimateRider because they have received requests for more back support and comfort for taller individuals..  The new IntimateRider High Back is 33-inches high. It is  4 inches taller than the original IntimateRider sex chair but with the same sturdy design. 

The representative also shared that they are looking into developing an upper trunk support strap of lateral side supports for users who are challenged with later control support. So they can sit upright comfortably

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