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A collection of sexual education resources and sex guides created for disabled people, teachers, healthcare workers, and family.

Sex and Disability Books and Guides

Sex Guides By Feb 06, 2022

Our curated list of sexuality and disability guides cover how people living with various disabilities or who have a disabled partner, can enjoy sex A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability by A. Andrews For visual learners and comic lovers, A. Andrew’s illustrated guide to sex and disability is an entertaining and informative read. The easy-to-ready comic book…

Jessica Drake Plans ‘Sex and Disability’ Film for Her Wicked Sex Ed Series

Sex Guides By Aug 04, 2020

We’ve learned some exciting news! World-famous adult star Jessica Drake has begun work to create an educational and erotic film featuring disabled people. The film would be part of her series Jessica Drake‘s Wicked Guide to Sex, which launched in 2011. In a recent article published by, Drake shared insights on the project: “My goal is to do sex and…