Disabled Dating Sites

What are the best dating sites for disabled people? That's a good question!

At DisabledSexGuide.com, we've done our research and created a collection of the most popular disabled dating websites and social networks.
Dating can be challenging, especially if you already feel isolated. So we’re here to help by sharing an overview of each site’s best features and any notable drawbacks. To be clear, we did not include every disabled dating site on the Internet. Part of this is intentional: we purposely excluded sites we already found had poor reputations with customer service or overwhelmingly negative reviews elsewhere. We’re also open to suggestions if you think we missed a great dating site to the list. As for which of the disability dating websites is best, we’re also asking our readers for help. No person has the same wants and needs. We invite our readers to share their experiences with the disability community by leaving a rating or comment.

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